Our mission at YummyPick is simple; it’s to help you find the best places to eat and hangout easily, quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a restaurant connoisseur or just looking to find a place to get a quick bite to eat with your friends we’re the only resource you’ll need. Outside of YummyPick there hasn’t been any source to help you find a place to spend your hard earned money. You’d have to rely on a local parking attendant or even worse – trial and error. Not anymore, there’s now a resource where you can find all the best restaurants, cafes and hookah spots in Palestine/ Israel with a click of a mouse (or swipe of your finger depending on the device you’re using)

The founders of YummyPick saw a major problem that needed attention, like most people they spent too much time and money on places that just didn’t make the cut. They’d find the service was subpar or the food was lackluster, the time was ripe for a one stop source where you can easily find a place to eat or hangout that didn’t have a hidden agenda. If you tried looking for a place to eat in Palestine recently you were met with “directory” type websites with outdated information and stale listing data. You couldn’t tell if the place was local diamond in the rough or just a hole in the wall.

We utilize information from a broad set of resources; one of our major sources of information is you- the restaurant goer. We take your reviews and feedback coupled with a clever in-house algorithm which then allows us to display the info in a neat, clean and easy to read format. We’re currently available online and several smartphone devices including IOS and android with more to come. We don’t allow an establishment to change the core information without due process; this keeps our information fresh and accurate.

Another major part of our mission is to help great restaurants, cafés and eateries find possible customers to try their food and services. For too long they’d have to rely on antique marketing techniques or none at all. The formula is simple, offer highly quality service with great food and allow the user reviews to pour in. The higher your reviews the better your feedback and in turn the better your position on Yummypick.

All in all if you’re looking for a place to eat or have just some hookah you’ll be hard pressed to find a better source of information. We built the company with the user in mind, that being said we welcome feedback and are constantly improving our services to better accommodate you, the consumer.

Written By : Nader Jaber

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