YummyPick.com: The New Sensation In your Area

If you are looking to have a good time in in your Area, the best option for you will be to explore the night life, have a soothing cup of coffee in a café, or eating at a restaurant with fantastic Middle Eastern food. Most of the times, it becomes a dilemma for us to choose the best places to go for eating or spending the evening. To aid you in this regard if you are in Palestine, yummypick.com has been launched. The website covers almost all the aspects that you’ll search for if you are interested in eating out or having a drink at a bar. The site’s tagline strengthens its point of helping you find the Restaurants & Nightlife in your Area.

YummyPick.com is a great site with detailed information about the places it enlists. Not only the site has a good number of places to offer to you, it also provides you some key features to search for a place. There are some options similar to that of yelp and urban spoon that has been incorporated in the site for the convenience of the users. The overall site looks beautiful and simple. With not much clutter going on in the pages, the key messages are very clear.


YummyPick.com covers a wide area of culinary provider category to reach out to its loyal users. The site allows users to rate a certain place based on stars so that a user review is available automatically. It helps the rest of the users a lot for determining the standards and qualities of a certain place.

YummyPick.com provides its list on the following categories:


The site enlists restaurants that are situated in Palestine. Pictures of interiors and exteriors of each restaurant are provided along with addresses. These restaurants offer local as well as international cuisine.


If you want to enjoy your evening with some drinks, it is better to check out at yummypick.com first regarding their locations. The site also tags the bars with keywords that may attract you.

Night clubs:

Palestine has night clubs for you if you are interested. It is better to search of them beforehand rather than looking out for them while you are already out on the streets.


If you are a coffee lover, you shouldn’t miss the cafés in Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Jericho. You can find beautifully roasted coffee over these places. It is better to get some ideas from yummypick.com before you head out that way.

Fast Food:

YummyPick.com has a well-organized list of fast food outlets in Palestine. You can find local dishes as well as international chains listed in the site.

Bakery and Sweets:

You don’t want to miss some Middle Eastern sweets once you are in your Area. YummyPick.com will assist you to choose one of your favorites.

Login options

You can have your own YummyPick.com account that you can create by using the following:

· Facebook
· Google
· Yahoo
· WordPress

Additional Features

To help the customers in a more user-friendly manner, yummypick.com has enable search fields that provide by category, location, zip and nearby search options. As a result it is hard to miss a place that you are looking for.
There is a yummy blog that allows you to write down your thoughts about the service and the food industry of your Area.YummyPick.com: The New Sensation In your Area

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