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Beer Sheva is a historical city that has a very vast significance regarding historical sites in the country. This city is mainly popular regarding its multi-cultural infrastructure of the society. The people here have a very large selection of cuisine due to this attribute of the society. The tourists and the locals can have a good time in the city enjoying the cuisine as well as touring spots. The people here get to eat some of the most diverse selection of food ranging from Indian, Italian, French, Asian and Middle Eastern, etc. Some of the famous restaurants and location dine in here as mentioned as follows:


When looking for a Kosher restaurant and running out of options, people sure do come to Arabica, which is a very well known restaurants. They serve traditional cuisine to the people and also a very diverse set of menu options are available here for the customers. The Arabica has a wide variety of seafood and also some of the famous options to choose from are meat fillet, fish fillet, Tahini, burgers, steaks, etc. The restaurant blends in the old and the new in one location as it serves traditional and modern cuisine under the same roof. The location can be found at Herzl 12, beer sheva.


People here in Beer Sheva love to take new trendy cuisine from all over the world, and it is not so surprising that there are Asian restaurants here. Kampai is one similar option that locals love to visit here as it provides very delicious Asian food. Kapmai is an Asian style restaurant that offers grilled sushi and also has the option for BBQ. You can order those colorful sushi and BBQ at the same location that makes it a very interesting experience for the people. The place can be found at Hel Hahandasa 1, BeEr Sheva.


If you are looking for a taste of Italian food, then Pepe is the place for you. This Restaurant is a Kosher restaurant that has some of the best Italian food that you can find in BeEr Sheva. The locals come here often to avail the opportunity of such delicious Italian food available easily. If you have a mood to eat pizzas, pasta, ravioli, fettuccine, sandwiches and salads then do visit this fabulous restaurant. To give visits to this place simply travel to Yits’Hak Nafha, Be’er Sheva.

BBB – Burgus Burger Bar

The people here in the city of BeEr Sheva are not only fond of Italian and Asian cuisines, but they have a very welcoming taste all kinds of new cuisines they can find. And since there is no lack of materials, especially meaty, they like to try almost anything that is available on the menu of the restaurants. When chasing after cuisines that have meat as the main ingredient some locals here would gladly try out some delicious burgers that are available here. One such location that offers some of the greatest burgers is BBB also known as Burgus Burger Bar. Hamburgers are the main attraction of the restaurant that tastes delicious. Aside from hamburgers there are many other types of burgers available here. Chicken, Beef and fish burgers are also an addition to the menu. The place is situated on the Heil Handsea Street, Be’Er Sheva.

Pasta Bar:

Pasta Bar is a location that offers some of the most demanding cuisines from the Italian menu served worldwide. Fresh bread, pastas and pizzas are available here when the place is open. The locals usually visit here to take an out of the world experience and to savor the cuisine here. The place is located at Grand Canyon Boulevard Tuviyahu 125, Be’Er Sheva.

Mexicani Restaurant:

Many cuisines have a different touch to them as some may focus on taste, some on the variety of ingredients used in it.  Some might choose a simplistic approach, and there are also some that might have a very hot/spicy texture to them. Mexican foods are somewhat in this last category as they tend to focus a lot of the spices that are used. And Mexican spices are famous around the world for their unmatched intensity of spicy taste. Some customers demand their everyday food to be very spicy and tend to eat to enjoy or to try out the thrill of how spicy food tastes like. If you are a big fan of Tacos, burritos and salads also of the spicy Mexican chilly sauces, then do give a visit to the Mexican restaurant. This place offers some of the most original food quality that you might find in the whole of BeEr Sheva. The place is situated at Kakal Street 43, Be’er Sheva.

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