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Beit Hanina is a city located near the city of Jerusalem and, to be exact it’s just about eight kilometers north of the central Jerusalem city. The city would look smaller, but the historical asset it holds is immense. This city is mostly populated by locals who are from Palestine, so this makes it more interesting. The cuisine that would be found here would be from both cultures. There are a lot of cafeterias and restaurants on the street in this city. Some of the historical places here date back around1800 years old. This city carries some of the most amazing traditional as well as modern cuisines. Some of the most common food items found here are pita bread, hummus, falafel and olives that are abundantly available here almost in every café/restaurant here. Some of the places to visit to have food here are as follows:

Abu Shukri:

There is this place in Beit Hanina that is called Abu Shukri, amazing traditional food from Israel and some very amazing Lebanese cuisine is served here. The local and the people who visit this city usually visit this place to be a part of the common man’s food preferences. Some of the food items here are pita bread, Baba ganoush, falafel, hummus, sauces, beans, etc. Falafel and hummus are the most common food that is eaten by the locals here. Some prefer their hummus with pita bread. Others would love to have salads and olives as their snacks during different hours of the day. The tourists that love to have a taste of some traditional food can always drop in to have their taste buds awestruck. To find this amazing place visit the restaurant at Derech Beit Hanina, Jerusalem.

ZAD Ice Cream and Café:

There is an amazing place in the city that serves some of the tastiest sweet treats. Ice cream is the specialty of the café, and it also has some other food items on the menu that keep the customers glued to their seats for more. The café is a location that has Italian, Middle Eastern and International cuisines on the menu making it a very interesting café. Some quick snacks are available here to soothe your likings when you visit here. A wide variety of ice cream flavors is also present to keep the customers coming to try out the next one. If you hunger for ice cream, frozen yogurt, salads, sandwiches, crepe, juices, cocktails or waffles, then this is the best place for you to be. Be a part of this yummy treat location at Derech. Beit Hanina.

Golden Fried Chicken:

Well, you all would have heard of KFC, but have you ever heard of Golden Fried Chicken? This is a famous restaurant in Beit Hanina that serves a close to the similar menu to the locals and tourists here. If you seek some chicken with great taste, then this is the location that you need to visit. Some people just love chicken in their diet every day. Fried chicken is one of the most common fast food that keeps the customers always craving for more. Aside from chicken on the menu there are salads, potato wedges, and beverages. To find out the place just follow the Main Street of Beit Hanina.

Bait Café Expresso Bar & Restaurant:

To have breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. this is the best venue for family and friends. The menu here is remarkable with so many modifications that can be made while ordering to your preferences. They have cakes, sandwiches, chicken wings, muffins, salads, grilled meat, donuts, ice cream, fresh fruit juices, and coffee, etc. Bait Café Expresso Bar & Restaurant can serve its customers with many of their needs in one single place easily. When you feel like having a roulette kind of meal, then surely this is the excellent place to try it. The place is situated at Derech, Beit Hanina.

European Bakery:

As the name suggests, this bakery is a European bakery located in Beit Hanina. If you have those chocolate cravings, or you are a diehard fan of vanilla. Or are you a fan of dark chocolate? Or do you like those pineapples, cherries, strawberries in your cake? Then it is recommended to visit this magical location. European Bakery has a wide variety of chocolate cakes and other varieties of cakes, donuts, pastries, desserts and sweet food items. Some people love to have something sweet when they wake up in the morning. This bakery is their heavenly domain to freshen up their day with all the sweet treats available here. If you feel like chasing some sweet treats after a busy day, then visit the location at Main Street, Beit Hanina.

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