Jericho - The City Of Cuisines And Tourism

Famous as a place for tourism, Jericho is a place that has awestruck the tourists through its amazing sightseeing locations. People from around the globe come here, especially to have fun in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a very high concentration of salt, and anything that falls in it stays on the surface. Most people come here curious regarding this phenomenon. Aside from the touring location here, the city also has a very diverse and exciting collection of the cuisines. The cuisines vary from traditional to international, and this can grasp the attention of the people who travel here.


At the point when in Jericho, a standout amongst the most went to places by local people is the Limonah restaurant. The tourists that visit here are also always visiting this famous location for its amazing food and location. Limonah is famous for its amazing kebabs, grilled food, salads and fresh juices especially the mint lemonade. The restaurant serves international food, you can find the local cuisines here like humus, pita bread and falafel, but aside from these burgers, fast food items and grilled food are also available here. A visit here is surely an experience of a lifetime. If you are willing to come and drop by then come by at Montazahat St., Jericho, West.

Beer Sheva : The Land of Innumerable Cuisines

Beer Sheva is a historical city that has a very vast significance regarding historical sites in the country. This city is mainly popular regarding its multi-cultural infrastructure of the society. The people here have a very large selection of cuisine due to this attribute of the society. The tourists and the locals can have a good time in the city enjoying the cuisine as well as touring spots. The people here get to eat some of the most diverse selection of food ranging from Indian, Italian, French, Asian and Middle Eastern, etc. Some of the famous restaurants and location dine in here as mentioned as follows:


When looking for a Kosher restaurant and running out of options, people sure do come to Arabica, which is a very well known restaurants. They serve traditional cuisine to the people and also a very diverse set of menu options are available here for the customers. The Arabica has a wide variety of seafood and also some of the famous options to choose from are meat fillet, fish fillet, Tahini, burgers, steaks, etc. The restaurant blends in the old and the new in one location as it serves traditional and modern cuisine under the same roof. The location can be found at Herzl 12, beer sheva.


People here in Beer Sheva love to take new trendy cuisine from all over the world, and it is not so surprising that there are Asian restaurants here. Kampai is one similar option that locals love to visit here as it provides very delicious Asian food. Kapmai is an Asian style restaurant that offers grilled sushi and also has the option for BBQ. You can order those colorful sushi and BBQ at the same location that makes it a very interesting experience for the people. The place can be found at Hel Hahandasa 1, BeEr Sheva.


If you are looking for a taste of Italian food, then Pepe is the place for you. This Restaurant is a Kosher restaurant that has some of the best Italian food that you can find in BeEr Sheva. The locals come here often to avail the opportunity of such delicious Italian food available easily. If you have a mood to eat pizzas, pasta, ravioli, fettuccine, sandwiches and salads then do visit this fabulous restaurant. To give visits to this place simply travel to Yits’Hak Nafha, Be’er Sheva.

BBB – Burgus Burger Bar

The people here in the city of BeEr Sheva are not only fond of Italian and Asian cuisines, but they have a very welcoming taste all kinds of new cuisines they can find. And since there is no lack of materials, especially meaty, they like to try almost anything that is available on the menu of the restaurants. When chasing after cuisines that have meat as the main ingredient some locals here would gladly try out some delicious burgers that are available here. One such location that offers some of the greatest burgers is BBB also known as Burgus Burger Bar. Hamburgers are the main attraction of the restaurant that tastes delicious. Aside from hamburgers there are many other types of burgers available here. Chicken, Beef and fish burgers are also an addition to the menu. The place is situated on the Heil Handsea Street, Be’Er Sheva.

Pasta Bar:

Pasta Bar is a location that offers some of the most demanding cuisines from the Italian menu served worldwide. Fresh bread, pastas and pizzas are available here when the place is open. The locals usually visit here to take an out of the world experience and to savor the cuisine here. The place is located at Grand Canyon Boulevard Tuviyahu 125, Be’Er Sheva.

Mexicani Restaurant:

Many cuisines have a different touch to them as some may focus on taste, some on the variety of ingredients used in it.  Some might choose a simplistic approach, and there are also some that might have a very hot/spicy texture to them. Mexican foods are somewhat in this last category as they tend to focus a lot of the spices that are used. And Mexican spices are famous around the world for their unmatched intensity of spicy taste. Some customers demand their everyday food to be very spicy and tend to eat to enjoy or to try out the thrill of how spicy food tastes like. If you are a big fan of Tacos, burritos and salads also of the spicy Mexican chilly sauces, then do give a visit to the Mexican restaurant. This place offers some of the most original food quality that you might find in the whole of BeEr Sheva. The place is situated at Kakal Street 43, Be’er Sheva.

Beit Hanina: Dual Cuisine in one Location

Beit Hanina is a city located near the city of Jerusalem and, to be exact it’s just about eight kilometers north of the central Jerusalem city. The city would look smaller, but the historical asset it holds is immense. This city is mostly populated by locals who are from Palestine, so this makes it more interesting. The cuisine that would be found here would be from both cultures. There are a lot of cafeterias and restaurants on the street in this city. Some of the historical places here date back around1800 years old. This city carries some of the most amazing traditional as well as modern cuisines. Some of the most common food items found here are pita bread, hummus, falafel and olives that are abundantly available here almost in every café/restaurant here. Some of the places to visit to have food here are as follows:

Abu Shukri:

There is this place in Beit Hanina that is called Abu Shukri, amazing traditional food from Israel and some very amazing Lebanese cuisine is served here. The local and the people who visit this city usually visit this place to be a part of the common man’s food preferences. Some of the food items here are pita bread, Baba ganoush, falafel, hummus, sauces, beans, etc. Falafel and hummus are the most common food that is eaten by the locals here. Some prefer their hummus with pita bread. Others would love to have salads and olives as their snacks during different hours of the day. The tourists that love to have a taste of some traditional food can always drop in to have their taste buds awestruck. To find this amazing place visit the restaurant at Derech Beit Hanina, Jerusalem.

ZAD Ice Cream and Café:

There is an amazing place in the city that serves some of the tastiest sweet treats. Ice cream is the specialty of the café, and it also has some other food items on the menu that keep the customers glued to their seats for more. The café is a location that has Italian, Middle Eastern and International cuisines on the menu making it a very interesting café. Some quick snacks are available here to soothe your likings when you visit here. A wide variety of ice cream flavors is also present to keep the customers coming to try out the next one. If you hunger for ice cream, frozen yogurt, salads, sandwiches, crepe, juices, cocktails or waffles, then this is the best place for you to be. Be a part of this yummy treat location at Derech. Beit Hanina.

Golden Fried Chicken:

Well, you all would have heard of KFC, but have you ever heard of Golden Fried Chicken? This is a famous restaurant in Beit Hanina that serves a close to the similar menu to the locals and tourists here. If you seek some chicken with great taste, then this is the location that you need to visit. Some people just love chicken in their diet every day. Fried chicken is one of the most common fast food that keeps the customers always craving for more. Aside from chicken on the menu there are salads, potato wedges, and beverages. To find out the place just follow the Main Street of Beit Hanina.

Bait Café Expresso Bar & Restaurant:

To have breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. this is the best venue for family and friends. The menu here is remarkable with so many modifications that can be made while ordering to your preferences. They have cakes, sandwiches, chicken wings, muffins, salads, grilled meat, donuts, ice cream, fresh fruit juices, and coffee, etc. Bait Café Expresso Bar & Restaurant can serve its customers with many of their needs in one single place easily. When you feel like having a roulette kind of meal, then surely this is the excellent place to try it. The place is situated at Derech, Beit Hanina.

European Bakery:

As the name suggests, this bakery is a European bakery located in Beit Hanina. If you have those chocolate cravings, or you are a diehard fan of vanilla. Or are you a fan of dark chocolate? Or do you like those pineapples, cherries, strawberries in your cake? Then it is recommended to visit this magical location. European Bakery has a wide variety of chocolate cakes and other varieties of cakes, donuts, pastries, desserts and sweet food items. Some people love to have something sweet when they wake up in the morning. This bakery is their heavenly domain to freshen up their day with all the sweet treats available here. If you feel like chasing some sweet treats after a busy day, then visit the location at Main Street, Beit Hanina.

Pardes Hanna-Karkur

Pardes Hanna-Karkur is a city that is located a fair distance from the coastline and is rich for inhibiting such a diverse group of people. The tourists that visit the city to enjoy the tourist spots and the locations that make this city an amazing find. Along with all the roaming around, the tourists need something to eat that is unique. Although the city also offers the traditional food here, but most people prefer a variety of food items that inculcate traditional as well as international cuisines.

Café Bombay:

When you visit the city of Pardes Hanna-Karkur, you will find lots of variety of food in this land of diverse cultures. The food variety ranges from Italian to French and Chinese to Japanese or Middle Eastern to Indian Food. Speaking of Indian cuisine, Café Bombay is an amazing place that serves genuine Indian cuisine right here in the city of Pardes Hanna-Karkur. But the café is dedicated to serving only vegetarian food that is a good experience for all the vegetarians. Some famous Indian cuisines are Bhindi Ki Subji (stir-fried okra), Kaali Daal (black lentils), Aloo paratha (Potato Paratha), Palak Paneer (spinach and cottage cheese), Mutter Paneer (peas and cottage cheese) etc. Many locals those are curious to try out the spicy and unique cuisines from Indian culture sure to visit here often. It is a very astounding location for the local people and the tourists both. The place is situated at Ha-Meyasdim Street 38-48, Pardes.

Umm El Fahm

The city is an amalgamation of the multifaceted group of people that form the society. This city may look small, but it has some of the most amazing variety of food items and cuisines that you can find in Israel. The location holds in its vicinity some of the most creative dining locations for locals as well as customers. Overall the city has a very beautiful sight and is located close to the shoreline that gives abundant access to the freshest fish circulation. This makes the availability of seafood also common to most of the restaurants. Aside from the traditional cuisines you can find global cuisines here too, ranging from Middle Eastern, Italian, Fast Food, Asian, etc.

Costa Shisha Café:

Costa Shisha Café is a place where you can enjoy your wait for the order while smoking the traditional smoking instrument called “Shisha/Sheesha”. The café integrates a very creative and innovative menu that always keeps the customer excited to get more. If you love to have snacks and are fond of artistic presentations, then this is the place for you. They have a very diverse menu that consists of sandwiches, fresh salads, ice creams, fresh juice, Belgian waffles and delicious coffee. The locals come here to enjoy the servings that always keep them speechless through their way of presentation. Tourists that have an interest towards a variety of snacks are always visiting this place when they tour around Umm El Fahm. To find this place and visit it, simply come to Ala’raiesh, Umm El Fahm.

Alsheikh Restaurant:

Since the fish is readily available in Israel, therefore seafood is not a hassle to make and many international restaurants tend to provide customers with quality seafood. The locals here are very interested in trying the different global seafood cuisines. They are always seeking new trends in cuisines and food. A very attractive place for such people is the Alsheikh Restaurant that offers its customers with the most amazing menu list of seafood. Aside from seafood this place is a heavenly place for meat lovers. Believe it or not, this restaurant is one of the best-grilled meat places in the whole city. Fish, beef, and chicken, etc. are available in various varieties of cooking styles here on the grill. This is certainly a twin combo pack for the locals and tourists when it comes to trying out different food. The restaurant is located at En Ibrahim, Umm El Fahm.

Majdal Shams : Land of the Rising Sun

Majdal Shams is a city that is located in the mountainous regions of Israel. The city is situated in Golan Heights and being in a high altitude area gives the people to view the sunlight on sunrise. Standing on top of the peaks or any high altitude area gives an eagle eye view of the person easily. It’s more like a panorama view of a camera that shows the whole city in a single cone of vision. The city of Majdal Shams has some of the greatest wineries that produce quality wine. And this is a famous touring spot due to the sunrise and its view that is famous around the world.   Another quality of this city is the fruit and honey sale that goes on in the market. The city of Majdal Shams has many hidden characteristics that make it a wonderful city for tourism and sightseeing. Some famous cuisines here are Middle Eastern and traditional cuisines that are readily available. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

 Green Apple:

Green Apple is a Restaurant that is specializing in BBQ and Italian food. If you are looking for steaks, lots of variety of meat, pasta, pizza, ravioli, salads and drinks then this is the best selection in places. Locals and tourists would mostly visit places like these to enjoy their leisure time. And who wouldn’t want to be at a place where BBQ and Italian are available? Aside from the amazing cuisine, there is a wide selection of wines also available here. This place is a must visit with friends or family to spend some quality time that is always remembered. The place is situated at 98 Street, Majdal Shams.

Do Ri Me Café:

This place has an amazing selection of food from the menu list. Most people would love to be in a place that has a very wide and diverse list in a menu. And surprisingly Do Ri Me Café fulfills that criteria of the people. Be it grilled meat, muffins, salads, traditional dishes or international cuisines, it’s all present at Do Ri Me Café. Essentially the customers that come here are pleased to see such an extravagant menu list that they can select an order form. The locals and tourists often visit the place to be a part of some interesting food choices. The place is situated in Farid Mall, Majdal Shams.

Beethoven Café:

If you are looking for a location that is offering fast food and other attractions cuisines that you want to taste, then Beethoven Café is a choice to try. Although people might be surprised, but the trend of pizza has grown in not just Majdal Shams but also in the whole country. Many people love to have some delicious pizza for lunch or dinner. Beethoven restaurant offers some of the most amazing pizzas in the city. Aside from pizza there is pasta, sandwiches and burgers also available. Other items of fast food are also available. Also, the coffee and beverages are added to the menu list to keep the person, company while they can wait for their order to be ready. If you feel like visiting the location, then come see us anytime.

XO Restaurant and Café:

For people who love to eat grilled food this is the ideal place. XO Restaurant and Café if a modern style restaurant that offers a very great variety of grilled food items for its customers. A lot of local people also prefer to visit this place when they are in the mood to eat some grilled food. There is a very amazing menu that they have. It’s grilled chicken, beef, fish or even kebabs; it’s all available here ensuring that quality is maintained. Tourists are interested in tasting the Middle Eastern food that is mostly grilled food. Most of the tourists have rarely tasted kebabs, and this is a great opportunity for them to visit this restaurant and fulfill their desire. The place is situated at 12438 Majdal Shams.

Majdal Shams may be a small city, but the amount of people that visit every year is astounding, and the people that come here get a double treat. A double treat in the shape of touring and cuisines in the same place. Like all cities in Israel, this city also does not forget its traditional cuisines such as hummus, falafel, and olives as well as pita breads. There are always many places in town that offer these food items as they are the food of the local people. For people who are fond of tasting wine or are collectors of good wine. They can visit Majdal Shams to feast their eyes on the excellent wine that is produced here. The golden chance to can achieve so much in such a small place is always thrilling for the tourists that come.

Rishon LeZion : Secrets of the history

Rishon LeZion is a city that holds many secrets of the history. It is the 4th largest city of Israel and also an ideal place for people who love historical places to visit around the clock. Tourists often visit this place or its rich archeological collections and historical sites that offer a mind-blowing experience for people who love history and art. The rich heritage of historical places gives the location an edge to bring in a large amount of individuals from around the globe each year. There are also some very interesting museums also that can fascinate the tourists that visit the city. Aside from history and archeology, cuisines in Rishion Lezion are also a very diversely crafted trend. The large variety of food would just take you by surprise and may consist of Italian, Middle Eastern, French, Asian, Indian and much more.


For people who love to enjoy a taste of cuisine from around the world, Rishon LeZion is a good place to be. A Francheska is a restaurant that serves its customers with the most intriguing cuisines of Italian origin. Focaccia Bread. Pasta, Pizza, Risotto or Panzanella are some of the most popular choices that can be made by the people who come for a tasty treat here. The locals here are also fond of international food items and often visit the place to fulfill their food cravings regarding Italian cuisine. To visit the location, just come to Moshe Becker 11, Rishon Lezion.

Toko Restaurant:

The city of Rishon Lezion is a great place to find many restaurants that offer food from around the world. A large variance of restaurants that can offer a very creative menu to astonish your mind. One such location is the Toko Restaurant that offers astounding Asian cuisines right here in the city. People are fascinated by the level of variety that Asian foods offer. You can dine in and enjoy the fresh and delicious sushi in this restaurant. And to make it a more amazing experience the city is located near the sea, which makes it easy access to a fresh batch of fish every day. So the overall experience is amazing here for the people that enjoy fresh mouth watering food. To have an amazing experience at this place, feel free to find it at Hamea Veesrim, Rishon Lezion.

Oshi Oshi Restaurant:

Another similar place like Toko Restaurant is the Oshi Oshi Restaurant that offers its customers with the standard traditional food of Asian origin. Sushi is the main dish and the center of attraction for all the people that come here. This restaurant is a famous place for the locals as well as the tourists that visit this amazing city for tourism. The fish is fresh thus making it an out of this world experience through the hands of the expert chefs at this place. To be a part of this amazing sushi location, just come to Sakharov David Rothschild 62.

Rosh Pina : A City of Art and Cuisines 

Rosh Pina is a city that has a lot of interesting places that depict art and architectural marvels throughout the history. This city also has many historical places, and this makes it possible for such a large number of tourists to visit the city every year.

Aside from the tourism and all there is a large variety of cuisines that are available in the city to the locals and the tourists. Rosh Pina is truly a site for vacations and for people that love to spend time in some aesthetically alive places. Some amazing places that a person needs to find out in the city regarding food and diverse cuisines are mentioned below:


Shiri Bistro

This restaurant gives the original taste of the traditional food in this city. If you want to taste the originality, then this is a place to visit. The customers are having a great variety of choices among the traditional cuisines to eat. Humus, falafel, olives, salad and other such food items are a part of the menu in a common man’s everyday food. Tourists who like to be a part of the traditional cuisines can come to Shiri Bistro to have a fantastic experience of the different types of food. The location can be found on the 8th Hachalutzim Street, Rosh Pina.

Auberge Shulamit

French cuisines have a unique signature touch to the way they are made. The taste, the texture and the way it is presented is truly different from any other cuisine in the world. When in the mood to have some quality French cuisines then one is surely to visit Auberge Shulamit, which is a very famous restaurant among the locals. Aside from the locals there are many tourists that love to visit the location also. Since Rosh Pina is a tourist location, then there surely is the large amount of tourists that visit the restaurants in the locality. Some of the dishes available here are, chicken liver with olives, onions and wine, stuffed calamari and vine leaf, stuffed goose breast, etc. The place is located at the following address 34 David Shuv St., Rosh Pina.

Muscat Restaurant

Meat is one of the most loved main dishes for the people who like to eat non-veg food mostly. And when thinking of meat only some of the selective mouth watering cuisines come to mind such as steaks, kebabs, lamb ribs, grilled meat, etc. One of the locations offers this same kind of food to its customers with the utmost quality and flavor. The people who visit the restaurant can savor the delightful cuisine that they wish while dining in. Some of the names of the food here are veal fillet, beef stew, beefsteak, veal steak, lamb Osso Bucco, etc. What to try out some amazing cuisines here? Come to Mizpe Hayamim Hotel, Rosh.

Tibi’s Restaurant

Are you a meat lover and like to eat those juicy meat cuisines that bring out the most appealing aroma while cooking? Then Tibi’s Restaurant is the place that you need to visit. The trademark cuisine for this restaurant is the different variety of meat that is served with some of the best wine. Since Rosh Pina is famous for its wine and alcoholic beverages, there are always some of the best drinks available in the bars and restaurants here. Among the grilled selection, there is the meat of a various variety such as beef, chicken and fish, etc. Most of the tourists that come in are fond of meat and want to try the different cuisines available here. People from the West and South East region love eating meat. When in a mood to have some delicious meat, then travel to Hahelmit Street, Rosh Pina to quench your hunger.

Rafa Restaurant

Rafa Restaurant is a place that offers a very wide range of cuisines such as vegetarian cuisines, meat, salads, fish and other kinds of cuisines. When you want to try out a number of food items at a single place, then there is no better option than Rafa Restaurant. And this location is also very suitable for family and friends who like to order a variety of food items or have very diverse preferences in cuisines. This variety attracts more and more customers that are local and tourists as well. To find out the location just visit the Ha Rishonim Street, Rosh Pina.

Jauni Restaurant

Another similar place to visit in Rosh Pina is Jauni Restaurant that gives a similar experience of the cuisines like Rafa Restaurant. The customers that come to the restaurant have a number of cuisines that are traditional and represent the food of the common man. Aside from the traditional menu there is also a wide selection on the menu of the fast food and some global dishes such as pastas, vegetarian cuisines, etc. To find the place simply go to David Shuv Street 30, Rosh Pina.

Herzliya : The Tourist Hot Spot

Herzliya is a city that is one of the most beautiful locations a person can find in the whole of the country. Tourists visit the city for its amazing seaside and boating opportunities. And there are too many touring spots that people can explore as an adventure of their life. Since the city has most of its revenue generated through tourism business, then the city has also been shaped accordingly to fulfill those requirements. The city is situated in the central coast area of Israel. And there is a very large seashore that provides many spots that are used for tourism purposes, for example, boating, fishing, and surfing, etc. Herzliya is not just famous for its beaches and tourism only, but it has a very well managed food trend also. There are a lot of restaurants that facilitate the locals and tourists with the food of their preferences. Some of the famous restaurants are mentioned as follows:


Pizza Roma Restaurant

Where you have tourists, you need to have pizza. Don’t you agree? The Pizza Roma Restaurant is a place that is offering a variety of pizza flavors with toppings. The locals and also tourists often visit here to take the time to enjoy some amazingly delicious pizza made fresh from the oven. Aside from pizza there is also pasta, garlic bread, fast food, ravioli and salads of different types available here. Overall, it’s an amazing experience to be at the Pizza Roma Restaurant and if you feel like being a part of it, then Abba Eban 1, Herzliya is the place to be.


Japanika is the perfect experience for the people here for Asian food. This restaurant is a place that offers fresh sushi and some Asian cuisines. The fish is right off the market, and the batch of fish is always fresh since the city is having an open access to the sea. Almost all kinds of fish are available here that can be utilized in the food items. People here love to try something new now and then. There having some Asian cuisine restaurants is a tasty treat for the people. To be a part of this amazing cuisine experience, be sure to visit Japanika at ten workshops Herzliya, Herzliya.

Asia Restaurant

Do you feel like having some Chinese cuisine without leaving Herzliya? Then rests assured and leave Asia Restaurant to grant you that wish. Asian cuisine is the specialty and main menu of the restaurant that would compel you to come later for more. All food here is authentic Asian cuisine such as Noodles, fried rice, soups, chicken, beef and pork as well as the salads, etc. The people who tour to Herzliya can always remember all the amazing experiences for their whole life. For the locals, it’s an everyday treat and for the tourists, this is once in a lifetime experience that makes them come again to Herzliya. The restaurant is situated at Khavatselet Ha – Sharon Street, Herzliya.

Sushi and More Restaurant

Another similar place like Japanika is the Sushi and More Restaurant. But the difference in Japanika and this restaurant is that Sushi and More Restaurant are a Kosher style restaurant. For the people who visit here, they have a chance to enjoy the fresh sushi along with some alcoholic drinks that taste like being in Asian for real. To find the place simply travel to Hacarmel Street, Herzliya.

Yam 7

Being in Herzliya is all about tasting the tasty seafood that it is offered to the people who come to tour the city. When in the city one needs surely to visit Yam 7 that offers the customers a lot of varieties in the menu regarding selection of cuisines. While enjoying the tastiest seafood and Mediterranean cuisines the tourists and locals can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. It’s salmon, mussels, shrimp, carpaccio beef, etc.; it is all available here. Do make an effort to visit the venue to savor the taste of seafood at Ramat Yam 122, Herzliya.

The Meat & Wine Co Restaurant 

Who doesn’t love to eat meat and especially when it’s BBQ or grilled? Meat & Wine Co Restaurant presents to the locals as well as the tourists the experience of their lifetime that they would never forget. The place offers solely prime cut meat and is a Kosher steak restaurant. This restaurant is all about pure meat lovers and offers a wide range of meat selection that can be BBQ or grilled as per the preference of the customer. Aside from the quality meat that it offers with a delicious taste, there is also a wide selection of the best wine for the customer to select from. To come to the location for the experience does visit the location at Arieh Shenker 16, Herzliya.


Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel and the third largest in the country. It’s situated on the Camel Mountain and offers a striking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The city combine the unique traditional Israeli features with Christian presence, name a Maronite church and the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery.