Herzliya : The Tourist Hot Spot

Herzliya is a city that is one of the most beautiful locations a person can find in the whole of the country. Tourists visit the city for its amazing seaside and boating opportunities. And there are too many touring spots that people can explore as an adventure of their life. Since the city has most of its revenue generated through tourism business, then the city has also been shaped accordingly to fulfill those requirements. The city is situated in the central coast area of Israel. And there is a very large seashore that provides many spots that are used for tourism purposes, for example, boating, fishing, and surfing, etc. Herzliya is not just famous for its beaches and tourism only, but it has a very well managed food trend also. There are a lot of restaurants that facilitate the locals and tourists with the food of their preferences. Some of the famous restaurants are mentioned as follows:


Pizza Roma Restaurant

Where you have tourists, you need to have pizza. Don’t you agree? The Pizza Roma Restaurant is a place that is offering a variety of pizza flavors with toppings. The locals and also tourists often visit here to take the time to enjoy some amazingly delicious pizza made fresh from the oven. Aside from pizza there is also pasta, garlic bread, fast food, ravioli and salads of different types available here. Overall, it’s an amazing experience to be at the Pizza Roma Restaurant and if you feel like being a part of it, then Abba Eban 1, Herzliya is the place to be.


Japanika is the perfect experience for the people here for Asian food. This restaurant is a place that offers fresh sushi and some Asian cuisines. The fish is right off the market, and the batch of fish is always fresh since the city is having an open access to the sea. Almost all kinds of fish are available here that can be utilized in the food items. People here love to try something new now and then. There having some Asian cuisine restaurants is a tasty treat for the people. To be a part of this amazing cuisine experience, be sure to visit Japanika at ten workshops Herzliya, Herzliya.

Asia Restaurant

Do you feel like having some Chinese cuisine without leaving Herzliya? Then rests assured and leave Asia Restaurant to grant you that wish. Asian cuisine is the specialty and main menu of the restaurant that would compel you to come later for more. All food here is authentic Asian cuisine such as Noodles, fried rice, soups, chicken, beef and pork as well as the salads, etc. The people who tour to Herzliya can always remember all the amazing experiences for their whole life. For the locals, it’s an everyday treat and for the tourists, this is once in a lifetime experience that makes them come again to Herzliya. The restaurant is situated at Khavatselet Ha – Sharon Street, Herzliya.

Sushi and More Restaurant

Another similar place like Japanika is the Sushi and More Restaurant. But the difference in Japanika and this restaurant is that Sushi and More Restaurant are a Kosher style restaurant. For the people who visit here, they have a chance to enjoy the fresh sushi along with some alcoholic drinks that taste like being in Asian for real. To find the place simply travel to Hacarmel Street, Herzliya.

Yam 7

Being in Herzliya is all about tasting the tasty seafood that it is offered to the people who come to tour the city. When in the city one needs surely to visit Yam 7 that offers the customers a lot of varieties in the menu regarding selection of cuisines. While enjoying the tastiest seafood and Mediterranean cuisines the tourists and locals can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. It’s salmon, mussels, shrimp, carpaccio beef, etc.; it is all available here. Do make an effort to visit the venue to savor the taste of seafood at Ramat Yam 122, Herzliya.

The Meat & Wine Co Restaurant 

Who doesn’t love to eat meat and especially when it’s BBQ or grilled? Meat & Wine Co Restaurant presents to the locals as well as the tourists the experience of their lifetime that they would never forget. The place offers solely prime cut meat and is a Kosher steak restaurant. This restaurant is all about pure meat lovers and offers a wide range of meat selection that can be BBQ or grilled as per the preference of the customer. Aside from the quality meat that it offers with a delicious taste, there is also a wide selection of the best wine for the customer to select from. To come to the location for the experience does visit the location at Arieh Shenker 16, Herzliya.

Notification on Lunar New Year Holiday 2015


“East or west, home is best.”

Lunar New Year is the most important traditional festival in Vietnam. Like Christmas when people come back to family, Lunar New Year means the same to Asians.

Thus, we’ll be off from February 14th to February 23rd.

Big change in EngineThemes’ Forum

Dear our beloved customers,

Following the process to improve our support service, today, we want to inform you some changes in our forum – EngineThemes’ official support channel.

From now on, customers can access our forum via the new link: forum.enginethemes.com. The forum will run faster and more smoothly. Besides, together with the Tickets system, they will help us serve you better.

However, please note down these small notifications:

  • For those who have purchased our products from Themeforest, your accounts were downgraded with the new forum. Therefore, please update your account once again. Insert your Purchase code to the profile and your account will be upgraded to “Customer”.
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Important notes about EngineThemes' support service

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Hello folks,

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The ticket system allows you to communicate your problem with our support team one on one without publishing it to forum. Simply select the product category, click on the content section and put in the question. Also, you can provide additional information about your site so that our technical support staff can easily find out the problem.


New Year Holidays Notification

Here we go again, a new year is approaching with an opportunity for a new beginning.

In honor of the coming holidays, we’ll have some days off from Jan 1st 2015 to Jan 4th 2015. As a result, there’ll be a delay in our support service during that time.

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We’ll be back on Mon Jan 5th with a totally new look and better one. Please looking forward to a brand new EngineThemes in 2015.

We sincerely sorry for any inconvenience it may cause in this period. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a most prosperous and healthy New Year


EngineThemes' products overview

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Kent Nguyen and his experience with DirectoryEngine

This is an article from our new series – Customer Spotlight. Customer Spotlight is a totally new section in our blog page featuring EngineThemes’ customers participating in different industries, who share about their business and experience with our products. With this new page, we hope that our valuable users can have a place to communicate with each other and gradually improve their businesses.



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ישראל ( Israel )

ישראל היא אמנם אחת המדינות הקטנות בעולם, הן מבחינת שטח והן מבחינת מספר התושבים, אבל מדובר באחת המדינות המגוונות ביותר על גבי כדור הארץ. כך למשל, בישראל יש תערובת מקסימה של אנשים שהגיעו מכל רחבי העולם – מארצות הברית, מדרום אמריקה, מרוסיה, ממזרח אירופה, ממערב אירופה, מצפון אפריקה, מהמזרח הרחוק, ממדינות ערב ומן המדינות השכנות. אם חשבתם שהאוכלוסייה בישראל הומוגנית, טעות בידכם.

טבריה ( Tiberias )

העיר המקסימה והעתיקה אשר שוכנת על שפת הכנרת, מציעה מגוון יפה ומיוחד של מסעדות. בטבריה ניתן למצוא מסעדות אשר מתמחות בדגים, ובמיוחד בדגים החיים במים מתוקים, וכן מסעדות מזרחיות נהדרות ומסעדות המתמחות בבשרים. למעשה, טבריה היא עיר תיירות לכל דבר ולכל עניין, ולכן קל מאוד למצוא בה את מבוקשכם – טבריה ( Tiberias ).

אחת המסעדות המומלצות ביותר בטבריה היא מסעדת “ביג בן”. מדובר בפאב מסעדה אירי, הפתוח עד השעות הקטנות של הלילה. במקום יש תפריט נהדר של בשרים ושל דגים, כמו גם מבחר מרשים ביותר של בירות ויינות מכל רחבי העולם.
מסעדה נוספת המומלצת במיוחד היא מסעדת “גלי גיל”. מסעדה זו מתמחה בדגים טריים ובעיקר בדגי האמנון (מושט) והדניס. דגים אלה מבושלים על גחלים, ומלבד זאת ניתן למצוא במקום בשרים על הגריל ושאר מאכלים מיוחדים על פחמים בתנור. זוהי אחת ממסעדות הדגים הראשונות בטבריה, והיא פועלת בהצלחה רבה מזה 50 שנה.
“אל ראנצ’ו” היא מסעדה מיוחדת בסצינת המסעדות הטבריאנית. המסעדה פועלת מזה 20 שנה, והיא מציעה חגיגה אמיתית ומיוחדת של בשרים על הגריל, אוכל כשר, אווירה ביתית והופעות חיות עד השעות הקטנות של הלילה.
אם אתם מחפשים שילוב של אוכל נהדר ונוף מרהיב, מסעדת “באזל בר” מציעה בדיוק את זה. מדובר במסעדת דגים חלבית, המשלבת בין מגוון רחב מאוד של משקאות אלכוהוליים לבין תפריט עשיר של דגים. המסעדה שוכנת במבנה אבן בן 100 שנים, המשקיף אל הכנרת ואל מופע המים הטיבריום.
טבריה, כאמור, מציעה מגוון שלם של מטבחים מכל רחבי העולם. לכן, אין זה מפתיע כי פועלת בה מסעדה סינית נהדרת, העונה לשם “יער האורן”. מסדה זו מציעה מאכלים מן המזרח הרחוק וגם אוכל מזרחי אותנטי. המסעדה נמצאת ברחוב דונה גרציה, והיא מסעדה כשרה.

טבריה ( Tiberias )