Announcement: Delay in support from April 28th to May 03rd

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

In celebration of Vietnam’s Reunification Day and International Workers’ Day, we’ll have some days off from April 28th to May 03rd. As a result, there will be some delay in our support work.

However, taking the experience from the previous holidays, we now arrange a support schedule in order not to delay the service for too long. Our support staffs will take turn to take care of the questions, the response will be slower than usual but we will try our best to help.

Urgent cases will be taken as priority while questions about technical issues will be resolved when we resume our works on May 04th.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience the delay may cause.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

Reminder note: Don’t forget to update your PHP to version 5.3 or greater

EngineThemes_update_php - WordPress application themes

As many of you have known, each new PHP version provides better practices as well as new features. Besides, running a WordPress site, it also requires a minimal or specific PHP version.

Not too long ago, the PHP team has introduced the release of version 5.3. Though they have updated to a higher version, it’s still a major improvement in the 5.X series which includes a lot of new features and bug fixes. From now on, EngineThemes’ products only support PHP from version 5.3. Therefore, to help your site deliver the best performance, please remember to update your PHP to the version 5.3 or greater.

Moreover, we’ve received some questions asking about the error below. This happened due to the outdated PHP, just update it and everything will be fine.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or ‘$’ in /homepages/8/d262898456/htdocs/redmuseo/wp-content/themes/freelanceengine/includes/aecore/wc_integration/class-wc-integrate.php on line 27

Updating your PHP, you can improve your speed, security and compatibility. Check out this link to get more details regarding the version 5.3.

Notification on Lunar New Year Holiday 2015


“East or west, home is best.”

Lunar New Year is the most important traditional festival in Vietnam. Like Christmas when people come back to family, Lunar New Year means the same to Asians.

Thus, we’ll be off from February 14th to February 23rd.

Big change in EngineThemes’ Forum

Dear our beloved customers,

Following the process to improve our support service, today, we want to inform you some changes in our forum – EngineThemes’ official support channel.

From now on, customers can access our forum via the new link: The forum will run faster and more smoothly. Besides, together with the Tickets system, they will help us serve you better.

However, please note down these small notifications:

  • For those who have purchased our products from Themeforest, your accounts were downgraded with the new forum. Therefore, please update your account once again. Insert your Purchase code to the profile and your account will be upgraded to “Customer”.
  • Also, the “Auto update” feature is temporary unavailable. In the meantime, to update the theme, please use your FTP account to manually install it. You can check out this article for more details.
    We’ll soon recover the feature in the themes’ next updates.

We apology for any inconvenience it may cause. Hope that this update will give you more satisfaction with our support service.

Important notes about EngineThemes' support service

EngineThemes’ Forums Ticket system

Hello folks,

In an effort to provide better support service to EngineThemes’ customers, we would like to introduce a new support tool in our Forum: Ticket system. Customers will see a tab named “Ticket” on the header next to the usual options.

The ticket system allows you to communicate your problem with our support team one on one without publishing it to forum. Simply select the product category, click on the content section and put in the question. Also, you can provide additional information about your site so that our technical support staff can easily find out the problem.


New Year Holidays Notification

Here we go again, a new year is approaching with an opportunity for a new beginning.

In honor of the coming holidays, we’ll have some days off from Jan 1st 2015 to Jan 4th 2015. As a result, there’ll be a delay in our support service during that time.

However, regards to urgent cases and basic support requests, we will try our best to answer them as soon as we can.

We’ll be back on Mon Jan 5th with a totally new look and better one. Please looking forward to a brand new EngineThemes in 2015.

We sincerely sorry for any inconvenience it may cause in this period. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a most prosperous and healthy New Year


EngineThemes' products overview

Showcase Products_800x800


A fully functional WordPress job board theme which helps you to realize your professional job board. JobEngine theme combines powerful customization tools with a simple user experience.

Smart design tools: Easily creating striking layouts for your site with the Adaptive Color Scheme right in the front-end.

Compatible with WPML: Make your site goes global with WPML supported, you can take advantage of this plugin and create your multilingual site

Mobile Optimized: Our dedicated mobile themes are specially built for all mobile devices.

Different extensions: A store full of helpful extensions is waiting for you. Choose some suitable ones and optimized your job board even more.

Package option: We offer JobEngine Full Package so you can purchase the theme and all extensions with a discount up to 35%. Full Package will automatically update future extensions. Insane, huh? We’re doing it for real!

Kent Nguyen and his experience with DirectoryEngine

This is an article from our new series – Customer Spotlight. Customer Spotlight is a totally new section in our blog page featuring EngineThemes’ customers participating in different industries, who share about their business and experience with our products. With this new page, we hope that our valuable users can have a place to communicate with each other and gradually improve their businesses.



Take your time on updating WordPress version 4.1

For your information, WordPress has just launched it latest version 4.1 which includes some new features to help you manage your site more easily. We know that you are eager to try the new one right away but please don’t rush. We’re testing the compatibility between it and our products so that you won’t meet any trouble using the themes.

We’ll try our best to complete the process as soon as we can. In the meantime, please keep using your current WordPress version. We’ll be back with further good news soon.

Thank you very much for your patience.

QAEngine releases its new version and has a change in price

QAEngine’s new version: v1.1

We’re happy to see that QAEngine has received a lot of support from you guys since its first release. In order to continuously improve the theme as well as to help you gradually perfect your site, we’ve been working to update QAEngine to v1.1 with a lot of great features.

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1. Live notification system

Taking advantage of the WordPress Heartbeat API, your site now have a live notification system. Every time a new post is published, your visitors receive a real-time message. If they feel interested in it, they can click on the notify message to go to the new post.

You can consider this function as a bridge which helps visitors to involve in different topics and make your site more active.

Live notification-QAEngine

2. Front-end WordPress Customizer

Different from our previous themes, QAEngine now uses the WordPress customizer to apply all needed changes in appearance, and still directly in the front-end.

Using this powerful tool, you can quickly change the colors in your site without any limitations, as well as other information such as your site title, taglines…

Simply click on the color you want to set it up for different purposes:

–          The site’s link color,
–          The main action color,
–          The sidebar background color,
–          The header background color,
–          And the header menus background color.

wp color customizer-QAEngine

Besides, in the Navigation section, you can decide which menus to be displayed in the front-end. Currently, QAEngine supports two menus and you can select where to apply them: on the header or the left sidebar.

wp navigation customizer-QAEngine

Moreover, you can easily choose a page to appear as your front page and posts page: it can be from your latest posts or a static page.

static page-QAEngine

Last but not least, you are also allowed to quickly change the widget setting. You can decide which widgets to appear on the left or right sidebar.

wp widget customizer-QAEngine

3. Pending questions

With this new release, you can prevent inappropriate questions appear on your site by enabling this function. All questions then will have to pass your approval before being displayed in the front-end, which means you absolutely keep your site stay away from unsuitable questions.

pending question -QAEngine

4.  Ajax live search

The feature name has said it all. Now when you write a keyword on the search bar, a list of related posts will appear for you to choose from, even when you don’t press the Enter button.

Live search-QAEngine

5. Logo in the intro page

A small but necessary update. From now on, you are able to emphasize your trademark by inserting your logo right on the intro page. Let your logo make the first introduction to the community.

logo intro page-QAEngine

6. Other bug fixes

–       Fix author slug error
–       Fix order by unanswered questions
–       Fix copyrights on sidebar

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QAEngine’s Price Change

Maybe some of you are aware that QAEngine has also been published in ThemeForest, just like its older brother WordPress forum theme ForumEngine. This has led to a pricing difference between the two places. In order to amend this issue, the price of QAEegine in EngineThemes is now reduced to $49. This will be effective right after this blog is published.

For those who have already purchased QAEngine with a higher price, don’t worry yet. We promise to compensate you with a FREE extension, which is still a work in progress at the moment and will be released soon. And we believe that you wouldn’t be disappointed with it.

Please accept our apology for this inconvenience and thank you very much for your understanding.

P.S. Don’t forget to tell us which features you are most excited about in this update in the below comment section. ;)