Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel and the third largest in the country. It’s situated on the Camel Mountain and offers a striking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The city combine the unique traditional Israeli features with Christian presence, name a Maronite church and the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery. Haifa is an incredible mix of diverse cultures, religions and ethnicities – a fascinating combination of the past and the present, successfully blending modern architecture with ancient historical monuments.

The culinary experience is one of the greatest aspects of the city. It offers falafels, of course, but the cultural diversity of the city has resulted in even greater culinary one. Once in Haifa, you won’t have a problem finding a restaurant. Most of them are situated near the shore, offering a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and serving traditional Mediterranean and Israeli food. You can get inexpensive fresh fish, usually baked or grilled, served with special sauces. Traditional fish includes locus (grouper), churi (red snapper), and mulit (red mullet). There is also a wide range of sea food, including shrimps and calamari, cooked according to special Israeli recipes.

Haifa offers something for everyone’s taste – along the coastal line, you can find casual and inexpensive restaurants, serving authentic food, as well as refined first-class gourmet places with renowned chefs. Haifa’s restaurants offer a wide range of international dishes as well, so make sure to check them, as well!

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