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Famous as a place for tourism, Jericho is a place that has awestruck the tourists through its amazing sightseeing locations. People from around the globe come here, especially to have fun in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a very high concentration of salt, and anything that falls in it stays on the surface. Most people come here curious regarding this phenomenon. Aside from the touring location here, the city also has a very diverse and exciting collection of the cuisines. The cuisines vary from traditional to international, and this can grasp the attention of the people who travel here.


At the point when in Jericho, a standout amongst the most went to places by local people is the Limonah restaurant. The tourists that visit here are also always visiting this famous location for its amazing food and location. Limonah is famous for its amazing kebabs, grilled food, salads and fresh juices especially the mint lemonade. The restaurant serves international food, you can find the local cuisines here like humus, pita bread and falafel, but aside from these burgers, fast food items and grilled food are also available here. A visit here is surely an experience of a lifetime. If you are willing to come and drop by then come by at Montazahat St., Jericho, West.

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