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    Mihbash Restaurant

    was established in 2007 in a building that is housed in an old building that dates back to the Ottoman Era,i.e. the beginning of the 20th century (approximately 1905).x When the building was first established it served for 30 years as a residence. After that it was rented to the communist Baath Party (Hizb Al-Baath Al-Arabi) for 25 years. When the Jordanian government closed all the Baath Party offices in the region at the beginning of the 1960, the building

    nablus road ,jerusalem
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    Tamara Yogurt

    Yogurt is located on the corner of Ben Yehuda street and Gordan Street . They serve the best yogurt in the tel aviv area . They are conveniently open 7 days a week .

    Ben Yehuda St 96, tel aviv
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    Abu Shukri Restaurant

    Shukri Restaurant is well known for many years in Jerusalem for his famous hummus Dishes and is available in Beit Hanina serving the same great taste he is known for .

    Derech Beit Hanina, Jerusalem
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    Mexicana Restaurant

    is a mexican restaurant Located in tel aviv ,serving ethnic Mexican food in which you can taste a variety of the dishes from an authentic Mexican kitchen as well as much more. The restaurant is characterized by a variety of Mexican tastes mixed with American-style TexMex offerings as well.

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    ZAD Ice cream & Cafè

    is glad to serve you the famous Victory Ice-cream, Crepe, Frozen Yogurt and the tasty Belgian Waffle. In addition to a variety of hot drinks and fruit cocktails.

    derech beit hanina
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    Al-Diwan Restaurant

    Al-Diwan Restaurant, is located in Jerusalem inside the Ambassador Hotel, it got an amazing outdoor seating that overlooks the gardens, it got the the most exceptional taste of Middle Eastern cuisines, a family friendly place to visit. ZAD Ice cream & Cafè was last modified: December 8th, 2014 by yummypick

    Jerusalem, Nablus road.
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    Golden Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken is located in Beit Hanina, Main St. Golden Fried Chicken is a fast food restaurant in Beit Hanina that serves fried chicken and potato wedges

    Beit Hanina, Main St.
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    XO Restaurant Cafe

    Restaurant Cafe is a modern restaurant and bar seating in the north of israel near by the hermon mountain . It is one on many nice restaurant with a bar to enjoy while exploring Madjal al Shams .

    12438 Majdal Shams
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