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    Snowbar gardan pool & Bar

    (Arabic: الصنوبر ) is a Palestinian Garden Pool Restaurant & Bar resort located in Ramallah city in the central West Bank adjacent to al-Bireh. Its approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Jerusalem. The resort is a haven surrounded by pine trees, offering a peaceful and quiet environment. Landscaping and layout of the land is the work of Master landscaper Ameen Marouf. During the day families can relax and enjoy both good food and swimming. Al-SnowBar offers a full restaurant

    Haifa Street, Ein Musbah, Ramallah
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    Castello Resturant & cafe

    Castello Resturant & cafe, is located on friend’s St. Ramallah, amazing place to visit with the family, with amazing outdoor seating, and amazing indoor style, and the hookahs is represented to you with a great smile from the workers. Snowbar gardan pool & Bar was last modified: February 1st, 2015 by yummypick

    Ramallah, frindes school street
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    Reef Restaurant & Cafe

    Reef Restaurant & Cafe offers a great outdoor and indoor seating Restaurant with the best hookah in town . Reef Cafe is located in the heart of al – tira street of Ramallah serving breakfast, lunch and dinner . Castello Resturant & cafe was last modified: December 8th, 2014 by yummypick

    Al Tira Street , Ramallah
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    Sangria's - Restaurant & Summer Bar

    serves mainly Mexican food but also serves food from all around the world, it also got an amazing outdoor seating in the guardian and also serves hookah and alcoholic drinks.

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    Chili House

    House is a fast food restaurant that serves delicious fast food, it is a family friendly place were you can take your kids to have fun and eat food there.

    Ramallah Al Ersal Street
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    Level 5

    special place to spend the weekend in, to grab a drink or have a meal in it, its considered one of the best lounge in Ramallah, with an amazing roof top seating that shows Ramallah city.

    Al teereh Street Ramallah, Issa Shamieh Building
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    Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop

    Ziryab Restaurant & Coffee Shop, is located in Rukab St. Ramallah, it got an Arabian style seating, with amazing atmosphere to chill and grab a meal and they got a world class hookahs, it got a small outdoor seating that shows Rukab St. Level 5 was last modified: December 8th, 2014 by yummypick

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    Fúego mexican restaurant & tapas grill

    is a mexican restaurant & tapas grill located in Ramallah Old city, next to Ottoman court Ramallah , west bank . its on of the few restaurants that serve authentic Mexican

    Ramallah Old city, next to Ottoman court
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    Zyara Cafe

    a modern coffee shop, that services different kinds of food from different cultures, and services hot drinks and freshly squeezed drinks and hookahs also.

    Al Nuzha Street Ramallah
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    Rukab Ice Cream

    ice cream one of the oldest ice cream places that serves different flavors of ice creams with highest quality, it got a family friendly indoor seating with the view of rukab street.