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Majdal Shams is a city that is located in the mountainous regions of Israel. The city is situated in Golan Heights and being in a high altitude area gives the people to view the sunlight on sunrise. Standing on top of the peaks or any high altitude area gives an eagle eye view of the person easily. It’s more like a panorama view of a camera that shows the whole city in a single cone of vision. The city of Majdal Shams has some of the greatest wineries that produce quality wine. And this is a famous touring spot due to the sunrise and its view that is famous around the world.   Another quality of this city is the fruit and honey sale that goes on in the market. The city of Majdal Shams has many hidden characteristics that make it a wonderful city for tourism and sightseeing. Some famous cuisines here are Middle Eastern and traditional cuisines that are readily available. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

 Green Apple:

Green Apple is a Restaurant that is specializing in BBQ and Italian food. If you are looking for steaks, lots of variety of meat, pasta, pizza, ravioli, salads and drinks then this is the best selection in places. Locals and tourists would mostly visit places like these to enjoy their leisure time. And who wouldn’t want to be at a place where BBQ and Italian are available? Aside from the amazing cuisine, there is a wide selection of wines also available here. This place is a must visit with friends or family to spend some quality time that is always remembered. The place is situated at 98 Street, Majdal Shams.

Do Ri Me Café:

This place has an amazing selection of food from the menu list. Most people would love to be in a place that has a very wide and diverse list in a menu. And surprisingly Do Ri Me Café fulfills that criteria of the people. Be it grilled meat, muffins, salads, traditional dishes or international cuisines, it’s all present at Do Ri Me Café. Essentially the customers that come here are pleased to see such an extravagant menu list that they can select an order form. The locals and tourists often visit the place to be a part of some interesting food choices. The place is situated in Farid Mall, Majdal Shams.

Beethoven Café:

If you are looking for a location that is offering fast food and other attractions cuisines that you want to taste, then Beethoven Café is a choice to try. Although people might be surprised, but the trend of pizza has grown in not just Majdal Shams but also in the whole country. Many people love to have some delicious pizza for lunch or dinner. Beethoven restaurant offers some of the most amazing pizzas in the city. Aside from pizza there is pasta, sandwiches and burgers also available. Other items of fast food are also available. Also, the coffee and beverages are added to the menu list to keep the person, company while they can wait for their order to be ready. If you feel like visiting the location, then come see us anytime.

XO Restaurant and Café:

For people who love to eat grilled food this is the ideal place. XO Restaurant and Café if a modern style restaurant that offers a very great variety of grilled food items for its customers. A lot of local people also prefer to visit this place when they are in the mood to eat some grilled food. There is a very amazing menu that they have. It’s grilled chicken, beef, fish or even kebabs; it’s all available here ensuring that quality is maintained. Tourists are interested in tasting the Middle Eastern food that is mostly grilled food. Most of the tourists have rarely tasted kebabs, and this is a great opportunity for them to visit this restaurant and fulfill their desire. The place is situated at 12438 Majdal Shams.

Majdal Shams may be a small city, but the amount of people that visit every year is astounding, and the people that come here get a double treat. A double treat in the shape of touring and cuisines in the same place. Like all cities in Israel, this city also does not forget its traditional cuisines such as hummus, falafel, and olives as well as pita breads. There are always many places in town that offer these food items as they are the food of the local people. For people who are fond of tasting wine or are collectors of good wine. They can visit Majdal Shams to feast their eyes on the excellent wine that is produced here. The golden chance to can achieve so much in such a small place is always thrilling for the tourists that come.

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