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1890 Restaurant

1890 Restaurant was built in 1890, and recently renovated to tell a story of a people who have history, art, music, exquisite architecture, heritage, and culture. All things Palestinian come to life over dinner. For reservations, call 02-227-8779. Located in Beit Jala, under the Academy of Music. Your experience will be very distinguished. Graduation, Birthday, Work Parties are welcome…

History of 1890:

At first glance one can see a restaurant serving a variety of specialized modern cuisine. With a closer look, you see remarkable building that reflects a historical residence of an old Palestinian family called Dar-Abu Eid. As all Palestinians, here’s the story of the Abu-Eid family, according to the owner’s grandson, Dr. Abeddah

Mr. Abu Eid built the house for him and his brother in 1890. The house consists of 3 floors. Each floor is almost 200 square meters. The second and third floors were used as a living area for Mr. Abu Eid and his brother, while the first floor, which is now “1890 Restaurant”, was used as storage for their seasonal food supplies like cheese, olives and wood for the winter months. Both brothers lived with their children in the house until the year 1980. The younger generation abandoned the house due to various reasons. Since 1980, the place was used as a factory for olive tree wood work; distributing wooden Christian products such as crosses camels and tables for souvenir shops in the Bethlehem area. Later, the location served as a wax and candles factory for a few years. In 1997, the elders in the family decided to donate the house to the Church.

In 2005, the house was renovated by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) and in 2006 the first floor started to run as a restaurant of an ancient atmosphere and modern styles of food. In 2011, it was decided that the restaurant should be renamed to reflect its unique history in an attempt to preserve the uniqueness of Palestinian history and rich history.

In addition to being a restaurant, the unique architectural design of the old storage is suitable for exhibitions, seminars, workshops and conference meetings. Further, we are prepared to transform the location for documentary or entertainment programs.

Restaurant 1890 is the place where ancient architectural creative designs combined with exotic contemporary ambiance and wonderful tasty food are lived in enjoyable style.

It is our pleasure to serve you at 1890.

WiFi Available

Parking (Indoor)

Family Friendly

Hookah (Argila)

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Live Entertainment

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