Angelo’s is one of the well-established restaurants in Ramallah that has been around for a long time. It has weathered the test of time and the upheavals of two Intifadas. It is still a popular place with the young and old alike. The restaurant has large glass windows running the length of the place. It is extremely pleasant to sit in winter at one of the tables facing the windows and bask in the midday sun. A long counter behind which there is a brick oven and where most dishes are prepared dominates the other side of the restaurant. The restaurant is very casual in appearance. Its wooden tables have no tablecloths or place mats.

Angelo’s specializes in pizzas and sandwiches and other ‘quick’ items that do not involve serious cooking. The restaurant has recently introduced a new selection of dishes, in addition to its regular menu. We had the chance to try some of these items on a recent visit. One diner started his meal with the lentil soup, the most popular soup prepared in Palestinian homes throughout the cold season. The soup was nice but lacked an ingredient we could not quite figure out. The Greek salad was fresh and crisp but the cheese served on it was not the customary Feta cheese. The fresh orange juice that we ordered was indeed freshly squeezed and most refreshing. On display at the counter was a selection of imported French and American wines, in addition to the local brands.

WiFi Available

Parking (Street)

Family Friendly

Credit Cards Accepted