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Bazel Bar & Restaurant

Bazel Bar & Restaurant, is an amazing restaurant to hangout in and to grab a delicious meal or a drink with your friend which also got an amazing outdoor seating and its considered to be a family friendly to enjoy a fresh seafood plates. When visiting Tiberias , Make sure to stop in and say hello to there wonderful staff . Bazel bar has one of the best location and is in Tiberias promenade old stone building dating back over 100 years has a rich history. Stunning views from every corner of the Sea of ​​Galilee and water show Htibrium Special dishes from the kitchen and authentic place all the pies and fish dishes are made of white tabun Specialty salads and pasta ravioli and more particularly delicious things ….. Place a large, two-story house seats, air-conditioned on the top floor overlooking the boardwalk And also sitting on the garden terrace downstairs You can make events / birthdays .