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Eddie's Hide-A-way

Eddies Hideaway has long become synonymous with quality, atmosphere, taste and creativity. The restaurant is tucked away in a shady groove in one of Eilat’s older residential areas, It is off the main tourist route and hence the name “hide-a-way”.

Eddie’s philosophy about food is down to earth: “Eating at my place is not for survival, its for pleasure. Its like sex, take it slow ‘n easy, enjoy it, savor it, delight in it. What makes our food special is the way it is presented, the ambiance, the way we treat our guests. I consider each guest a visitor in my own home — a friend”.

Food at the Hide-a-way is strictly Eddie — a mix of the best in French Italian, American and Israeli cuisine. Eddie is a creative and imaginative chef.

Finally, after many years of waiting, Eddie has finally decided to reveal all his culinary secrets in a book which he is presently preparing “Eddie Spills the Beans”.

As Eddie likes to say: “Spend the day at Eddie’s Hide-a-way — Its our pleasure to give you pleasure”.

WiFi Available

Parking (Street)

Big Screen TV

Family Friendly

alcohol Drinks

Credit Cards Accepted