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Snowbar gardan pool & Bar

Al – SnowBar (Arabic: الصنوبر ) is a Palestinian Garden Pool Restaurant & Bar resort located in Ramallah city in the central West Bank adjacent to al-Bireh.

Its approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) north of Jerusalem. The resort is a haven surrounded by pine trees, offering a peaceful and quiet environment.

Landscaping and layout of the land is the work of Master landscaper Ameen Marouf.

During the day families can relax and enjoy both good food and swimming. Al-SnowBar offers a full restaurant with its own personal chef, full bar service, and argyleh (hooka) service.

A wide range of parties from Jazz nights, weddings, exclusive parties, and DJ nights are common features and attractions at Al-SnowBar. Visitors enjoy the relaxing night life in comfortable seating or stay warm by the bonfire.

WiFi Available

Parking (Indoor)

Parking (Street)

Big Screen TV

Family Friendly

Hookah (Argila)

Outdoor Seating Area

alcohol Drinks

Credit Cards Accepted