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Rishon LeZion is a city that holds many secrets of the history. It is the 4th largest city of Israel and also an ideal place for people who love historical places to visit around the clock. Tourists often visit this place or its rich archeological collections and historical sites that offer a mind-blowing experience for people who love history and art. The rich heritage of historical places gives the location an edge to bring in a large amount of individuals from around the globe each year. There are also some very interesting museums also that can fascinate the tourists that visit the city. Aside from history and archeology, cuisines in Rishion Lezion are also a very diversely crafted trend. The large variety of food would just take you by surprise and may consist of Italian, Middle Eastern, French, Asian, Indian and much more.


For people who love to enjoy a taste of cuisine from around the world, Rishon LeZion is a good place to be. A Francheska is a restaurant that serves its customers with the most intriguing cuisines of Italian origin. Focaccia Bread. Pasta, Pizza, Risotto or Panzanella are some of the most popular choices that can be made by the people who come for a tasty treat here. The locals here are also fond of international food items and often visit the place to fulfill their food cravings regarding Italian cuisine. To visit the location, just come to Moshe Becker 11, Rishon Lezion.

Toko Restaurant:

The city of Rishon Lezion is a great place to find many restaurants that offer food from around the world. A large variance of restaurants that can offer a very creative menu to astonish your mind. One such location is the Toko Restaurant that offers astounding Asian cuisines right here in the city. People are fascinated by the level of variety that Asian foods offer. You can dine in and enjoy the fresh and delicious sushi in this restaurant. And to make it a more amazing experience the city is located near the sea, which makes it easy access to a fresh batch of fish every day. So the overall experience is amazing here for the people that enjoy fresh mouth watering food. To have an amazing experience at this place, feel free to find it at Hamea Veesrim, Rishon Lezion.

Oshi Oshi Restaurant:

Another similar place like Toko Restaurant is the Oshi Oshi Restaurant that offers its customers with the standard traditional food of Asian origin. Sushi is the main dish and the center of attraction for all the people that come here. This restaurant is a famous place for the locals as well as the tourists that visit this amazing city for tourism. The fish is fresh thus making it an out of this world experience through the hands of the expert chefs at this place. To be a part of this amazing sushi location, just come to Sakharov David Rothschild 62.

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