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The city is an amalgamation of the multifaceted group of people that form the society. This city may look small, but it has some of the most amazing variety of food items and cuisines that you can find in Israel. The location holds in its vicinity some of the most creative dining locations for locals as well as customers. Overall the city has a very beautiful sight and is located close to the shoreline that gives abundant access to the freshest fish circulation. This makes the availability of seafood also common to most of the restaurants. Aside from the traditional cuisines you can find global cuisines here too, ranging from Middle Eastern, Italian, Fast Food, Asian, etc.

Costa Shisha Café:

Costa Shisha Café is a place where you can enjoy your wait for the order while smoking the traditional smoking instrument called “Shisha/Sheesha”. The café integrates a very creative and innovative menu that always keeps the customer excited to get more. If you love to have snacks and are fond of artistic presentations, then this is the place for you. They have a very diverse menu that consists of sandwiches, fresh salads, ice creams, fresh juice, Belgian waffles and delicious coffee. The locals come here to enjoy the servings that always keep them speechless through their way of presentation. Tourists that have an interest towards a variety of snacks are always visiting this place when they tour around Umm El Fahm. To find this place and visit it, simply come to Ala’raiesh, Umm El Fahm.

Alsheikh Restaurant:

Since the fish is readily available in Israel, therefore seafood is not a hassle to make and many international restaurants tend to provide customers with quality seafood. The locals here are very interested in trying the different global seafood cuisines. They are always seeking new trends in cuisines and food. A very attractive place for such people is the Alsheikh Restaurant that offers its customers with the most amazing menu list of seafood. Aside from seafood this place is a heavenly place for meat lovers. Believe it or not, this restaurant is one of the best-grilled meat places in the whole city. Fish, beef, and chicken, etc. are available in various varieties of cooking styles here on the grill. This is certainly a twin combo pack for the locals and tourists when it comes to trying out different food. The restaurant is located at En Ibrahim, Umm El Fahm.

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